As an employee, you may have a number of issues during your employment which we can help you to resolve. These may include:

  • a grievance relating to your employment or another employee which you want your employer to put right;
  • disciplinary procedures or performance reviews which you consider have been unfairly invoked against you or which you want to ensure are handled fairly by your employer.

There may be some issues which you consider to be so serious that you want to try to resolve the situation by way of an agreed exit from your employment on terms acceptable to you, generally on the basis of a settlement agreement. There may also be situations in which you have resigned from your employment because of the way in which your employer has treated you or in which you feel you have been wrongly or unfairly dismissed by your employer.

If matters cannot be resolved, we can assist you in negotiations or claims relating to:

  • wrongful or unfair dismissal;
  • restrictive covenants;
  • entitlement to commission bonus and share options;
  • discrimination issues, including flexible working requests.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any issues. We take a pragmatic approach tailored to your desired outcome and best interests.