Being faced with redundancy can be an anxious time for any employee.  However, we have helped hundreds of clients through that process and for the vast majority of them that situation has become an opportunity.

A redundancy situation occurs where your employer's business, or part of it, has ceased to operate; your employer's business is moved to a different place; or where your employer's need for work of a particular type has ceased or diminished or is expected to.

Genuine redundancy situations include where:

  • your workplace is to close or relocate elsewhere
  • there has been a downturn in your employer's business
  • there is to be a change of business direction resulting in different skills being needed
  • work is to be reorganised and carried out by other existing employees

Even if there is a genuine redundancy situation, your employer must still follow a correct process, otherwise any termination of your employment may be unfair.

If you are selected for termination of employment due to redundancy, you may be asked to sign a settlement agreement.  We can advise you if you have any concerns about a potential redundancy situation or the process being followed and also have many years experience of assisting employees with settlement agreements.