A settlement agreement is an agreement between your employer and you by which you agree the terms on which your employment will end.

They are particularly appropriate if there has been a dispute between your employer and you which you cannot resolve or where there is a redundancy situation.

  • In essence, a settlement agreement will enable your employer and you to achieve a clean break so that your employer can be sure that you will not make any claims in relation to your employment or its termination
  • In return for waiving your rights to make such claims, the agreement will generally provide that you will receive a payment which is more than the minimum to which you would be entitled in any event
  • There may be other terms of benefit to you, such as your employer's agreement to provide a reference or to release you from restrictions which would otherwise apply after your employment has ended

As a minimum, we will go through with you the events leading to the offer of the settlement agreement and will review the agreement and explain its terms to you.  However, if we consider that the terms of the settlement agreement are unfair towards you, we will tell you and will seek to negotiate better terms for you if you wish us to do so.

It is normal for your employer to pay a contribution towards the fees for the legal advice to be given to you as that advice is required in order for the settlement agreement to be binding.  We can generally keep our fees to the amount of that contribution.

We have helped over a thousand clients with such agreements and so can advise you quickly and efficiently, whilst ensuring your best interests are protected.