Your new employer is bound to provide you with a written statement of your terms of employment within two months of the start of your employment.

That must include basic terms such as:

  • Your job title or job description
  • Your start date (including the date of commencement of continuous employment if a previous job is relevant to that)
  • Your place of work
  • How much and how often you will be paid
  • Your days and hours of work
  • Your holiday entitlement
  • Information regarding your notice period
  • Information regarding pension
  • Information about your employer's disciplinary and grievance procedures

The contract may include more detailed provisions, including:

  • What happens during periods of sickness or incapacity
  • In respect of your notice period, for instance garden leave provisions or the right for the employer to pay you in lieu of your notice
  • Restrictions that your employer will seek to impose on you for a period after your employment has ended, which may include provisions to prevent you working with competitors within a particular area or dealing with clients of the employer's business

If you need advice on these or any other provisions before you agree to the terms of the contract or if you are concerned about restrictions in a contract with your previous employer, we can help.