Regardless of whether an individual has died with or without a Will there will be a need to administer that person's estate.

We can assist you with:-

  • collating details of the estate
  • obtaining values for the assets in the estate 
  • completing the paperwork needed to apply for the probate 
  • advising on tax and ways of reducing the tax bill
  • advising on the timing for the disposal of assets 
  • assisting with the distribution of the estate to those entitled 
  • tracing missing persons who have an entitlement in the estate
  • the sale of any house or flat owned by the deceased 
  • helping with the preparation of the accounts which record how the deceased's estate has been dealt with

Estates are increasingly complex and the administration of estates can be technical and time consuming. We have the knowledge and experience to assist and support you through this process.


You can find out more about our Probate Services and Charges here