• Powers of Attorney enable you to appoint people you trust to look after your finances and/or your medical welfare if you need or want them to deal with these matters for you
  • If you do not make a Power of Attorney and you lose mental capacity then those close to you will find it very difficult to deal with your financial affairs in particular
  • A Power of Attorney enables you to choose the person who you think will be best able to assist you if required and will relieve those close to you from some of the worries and stresses of dealing with a difficult situation
  • If you lose mental capacity and have not made a Power of Attorney then your financial affairs can only be managed after an application has been made to the Court of Protection.  This can be costly and takes time to organise

Having a Power of Attorney gives you and those close to you peace of mind.  It is the most cost-effective and flexible way of managing your financial affairs if you lose mental capacity. We will advise you on the operation of Powers of Attorney and how best to structure the Powers to ensure that your best interests are protected.