A Will allows you to choose how your property, savings and investments will be dealt with on your death.  If you do not make a Will, it is statute and not you which will direct who inherits your property, potentially excluding those you care about the most.

A Will enables you to:

  • Choose people who you like and trust to carry out your wishes as set out in your Will
  • Make proper provision for your spouse or partner
  • Provide financial protection for your children
  • Appoint guardians to look after your children’s welfare until they reach adulthood
  • Provide protection and support for an individual who may have special needs
  • Ensure that the tax payable on your death is no more than is necessary

We often find that clients have delayed making a Will and that there is a reluctance to give this the priority it should be given.  Equally, after they have made a Will with us, we are often told by clients how pleased and relieved they are.