This is likely to be the biggest financial transaction most people undertake. We understand that by the time you contact us you may have been searching for a property to buy, or waiting for a buyer for a significant period of time. Our job is to help you get to the point that you can move into your property or complete your sale in a timeframe that suits you.

On your sale we will:-

  • Explain the conveyancing process and what we need from you to progress the sale
  • Ensure you are aware of the various stages in the transaction
  • Contact your mortgage company to agree arrangements for repayment of any mortgage
  • Provide your buyer’s conveyancers with all relevant information  
  • Liaise with your agents as necessary
  • Keep you updated on progress throughout

On your purchase we will:-

  • Explain the conveyancing process and the things you will need to do at each stage
  • Report to you on the title to the property
  • Report to you on the results of the searches and enquiries we carry out
  • Review your survey and make enquiries about any issues that are raised 
  • Comply with the instructions from your lender for any mortgage you are taking

We can also assist with any re-mortgage or equity release.

We will explain any issues that arise in clear language and tell you what options you have in any given situation. Moving home can be demanding on a number of levels – financial, practical and emotional. We are mindful of this and strive to make our involvement as smooth as possible.


You can find out more about our Property Services and Charges here