Leases include requirements to pay rent and service charges and rights and obligations for both the leaseholder and the landlord in connection with the property. 

We can help with:-

  • Queries over what rights have been granted to you over common areas in the building or in surrounding gardens or roads and accessways or parking areas
  • Queries over the extent of the areas over which you have exclusive use
  • Concerns with unclear service charge liabilities
  • Concerns over management issues
  • Queries about alterations you would like to make to your property
  • Disputes regarding arrears of rent or service charges

If you own a lease and are unclear about what you are or are not allowed to do without needing further consent from your landlord we will be able to help you. If you are unhappy about the way that the building is being managed or looked after from a repairing point of view or how your service charges are being collected or spent we can advise you of your rights.