Many Leaseholders wish to extend the number of years left on their leases to keep or enhance the value of the lease and to feel secure in their investment in the property. Residential leaseholders often have a statutory right to seek a lease extension from their Landlord even where the Landlord might not wish to negotiate such an extension.

We will:-

  • Explain whether you have a statutory right to extend your lease
  • Ensure you are aware of the steps that you need to take to use that right
  • Serve any Notices needed to start and progress that process
  • Liaise with any valuer you appoint in connection with the lease extension
  • Deal with any necessary application to the Tribunal and any hearing
  • Agree the form of the extension lease with your Landlord’s advisers

If you are wondering whether you should contact your Landlord to ask about a lease extension or have concerns about the statutory process or the costs involved we will be able to guide you.