Your title to your property will show what rights and responsibilities are recorded as attaching to that property. These may include rights over adjoining land, or obligations in connection with shared areas or boundaries. Sometimes further rights can be acquired because they have been used for a long time. Covenants that have been imposed on the property would also be shown on your title and they may impose on you obligations to do or to desist from doing certain things.

We can advise you in connection with your title including:-

  • Rights to assign or sub-let
  • Repairing obligations
  • Right to renew at the end of your term
  • Boundary queries
  • Rights to use roads or paths near the property
  • Rights to Light
  • Obligations to contribute to joint costs for drains or accessways or similar
  • Restrictions on use of land
  • Restrictions on altering your property
  • Rights for service pipes and cables

Often problems or queries crop up when you or a neighbour plan to build or alter a property and we can advise you on how those plans are affected by anything in your title. If you wish to alter your property there may well be matters in the title that you should consider first as you may need consent from a neighbour or previous owner of land near your property.