Inevitably over time there will be changes to your business.  The likelihood is that you will have to deal with:

  • Employees

We can help you with contracts for any new employees.  In particular if there are aspects which may not be standard.  For instance, you may wish to reward your employees by way of bonus or part-ownership of the business and/or to protect your business in the event that an employee leaves.  Having to terminate employment if the needs of your business change can be difficult.  We can help make that transition a smooth one, not only from a legal and financial point of view but also in respect of your continuing relations with other employees.

  • Ownership

You may wish to bring new owners into your business, whether existing employees or investors or others who can bring valued expertise. We can help you with agreements to integrate new owners into your business and to protect your business if things do not work out as planned. 

  • Property

You may need to renew your lease or move your business to new premises or additional locations.  Our commercial property solicitors can help with issues regarding leases or property ownership.  

  • Exit

Ultimately you may wish to leave the business, whether due to retirement or otherwise.  That may involve a disposal of the business, whether a sale or a transfer to family members or others.

We can assist with these and any related matters arising out of changes to your business.