If you are considering starting a business, either on your own or with others, you will need  to consider the following:

  • What business structure is best for you?  This may include a sole trader, a partnership, a limited liability partnership or limited company 
  • What rules are appropriate to govern the running of your business?  Particularly if you are going into business with others, you should have a partnership agreement or shareholders’ agreement to set out how the business is to be run between you and what happens if one of you wishes to leave the business
  • You should have written contracts or terms of business to set out the terms on which you intend to deal with clients or contractors or other third parties
  • If you employ people in your business, you need to decide their terms of employment, which can include terms for the protection of your business
  • If you are purchasing or investing in an existing business, we can help ensure that it is as you expect, without any hidden surprises

Our business is based on long-term relationships with our clients.  Your success is therefore important to us and we are always happy to have an initial conversation to consider what might be sensible for you before you take your business forward.