Your business is legally required to provide a written statement of terms of employment to all its employees within two months of the start of their employment.  This is an opportunity to set out other matters of importance to you.  These can include:

  • Your expectations with regard to the duties to be carried out by your employees
  • How your employees will be rewarded for their work by way of salary, other benefits, any bonuses or commissions and other reward schemes
  • Obligations regarding confidentiality of information which your employees receive during their employment
  • Who owns the rights to ideas and inventions created by your employees during the course of their employment
  • Restrictions on your employees for a period following the end of their employment.  This can be particularly important for your business when employees deal with clients of the business and build up relationships with them
  • Detailed provisions about what you can do if either you or your employee decides to give notice to terminate employment.  For instance, you might want to be able to bring the employment to an end with shorter notice or to be able to exclude the employee from your office or your IT systems
  • The provision of an employee handbook which can set in more detail the conduct that you expect from your employees

We can help with these to provide protection for your business.